Thursday, 24 September

Plenary Presentations

Rouben Hovhannesyan. Evidence Based Medicine in Armenia: past, present and future.

Mark Wilson. Cochrane’s Contribution to Evidence-Informed Health & Healthcare: Past and Future.

Susan Norris. Guideline Development at the World Health Organization.

Vasiliy Vlassov. Evidence-based medicine: useless, dead, collapsed, rotten, never existed.

Nikita Zorin. The difficulties of implementation of evidence based medicine (for example, Russia).

Vitaly Omelyanovsky. Perspectives of Development and Legislative Support to Healthcare Technology Assessment in the Russian Federation.

Pavel Vorobyov. Evaluation and Standardization of Medical Technology.

Elena Novichkova. Quality Improvement – the connection of continuous quality improvement and evidence-based medicine.

Avag Avagyan. From contraindication to indication: “miracles” of evidence based medicine.

Konstantin Vorobyov. International Institute for journal publication and its influence on medical practice.

Artashes Tadevosyan. Problems of Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine.

Konstantin Vorobyov. Managing conflicts of interest with using of principles of evidence-based medicine.

Vasiliy Leonov. Objectives, Opportunities and Challenges of Application of Biostatistics in Evidence-Based Medicine.

Maya Mantskava. The assessment of emotional stress on indicators of blood rheology.


Friday, 25 September

Plenary Presentations

Anna Shirinyan. Availability of evidence-based medicine resources in the Republican Scientific Medical Library.

Iryna Krejcarova. Electronic Database DynaMed – Evidence, Effectiveness, Affordability.


Zbys Fedorowicz. Using Systematic reviews to develop Clinical Guidelines: rating the quality of evidence.

Susan Norris. Development of recommendations based on evidence.


Saturday, 26 September

Plenary Presentation

Saveliy Bashchinskiy. What clinical guidelines can be followed?

Round Table

The basis of clinical decision-making: Clinical guidelines or “clinical intuition”. Moderated by Konstantin Vorobyov and Nikita Zorin.