Recent years have witnessed a significant growth in clinical epidemiology and evidence-based practice across the world. The methodology of rating and of making clinical recommendations to include in clinical guidelines is also evolving rapidly and at a pace that is challenging for national healthcare services. Clinicians face equally significant hurdles in keeping abreast of latest innovations in health technology and up to date practice in medicine. 

Much of the research and development in health technology assessment accumulates, and is mostly concentrated in the richest countries. Countries in transition and those with restricted resources have similar needs and yet they are often disenfranchised or even left to manage without support. At the same time realizing the importance of promoting public discussions on issues arising with regard to introduction of evidence-based medicine into healthcare practice, we consider it necessary to highlight the need for international collaboration on the above-mentioned problems.

Taking into consideration above mentioned problems 2nd International Conference “Evidence-Based Medicine: From Theory to Practice” took place on 24-26 September 2015 in Yerevan.

Experts in the field of clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine from different countries participated in the conference making presentations. Among them: Saveliy Bashchinskiy (Moscow, Russia), Zbys Fedorowicz (Manama, Bahrain), Vasiliy Leonov (Anapa, Russia), Susan Norris (Geneva, Switzerland), Yelena Novichkova (Kiev, Ukraine), Vitaly Omelyanovsky (Moscow, Russia), Vasiliy Vlassov (Moscow, Russia), Konstantin Vorobyov (Lugansk, Ukraine), Pavel Vorobyov (Moscow, Russia), Mark Wilson (London, United Kingdom), Nikita Zorin (Moscow, Russia).

We present the scientific program, presentations and proceedings of the conference.


Scientific program




Prof. Zbys Fedorowicz, MSc, DPH
Conference Co-Chair
Prof. Rouben Hovhannesyan, MD, PhD
Conference Co-Chair
Prof. Vasiliy Vlasov, MD, PhD
Conference Co-Chair