About the Association

Armenian Association of Specialists in Evidence-Based Medicine (AASEBM) was registered in 2013 and is a voluntary, non-profit organization, acting on the basis of the Charter

The main aim of AASEBM is to improve the quality of medical education, scientific-research and healthcare activities basing on the use and dissemination of the methodology and principles of evidence-based medicine.

AASEBM objectives in educational activities:

  • conducting educational cycles, elective courses and workshops directed towards teaching of the methodology of evidence-based medicine for students, graduates, resident physicians, tutors, practitioners;
  • preparation of information and training materials according to the methodology of evidence-based medicine.

AASEBM objectives in scientific-research activities:

  • consulting services in planning, organizing and conducting research;
  • studying, generalization and dissemination of experience of leading international organizations in the field of methodology of evidence-based medicine;
  • creation, evaluation and replenishment of the database of published local scientific clinical trials, in accordance with the principles of the Cochrane Community;
  • expert evaluation of the methodological quality of local scientific publications (articles, dissertations), standards of medical care, patient management protocols.

AASEBM objectives in healthcare activities:

  • Information and methodological support of the standardization process of local healthcare;
  • expert evidence-based evaluation of the developed protocols and algorithms for the patients’ management;
  • development and implementation of information technologies into medical practice, which will enhance the evidence-basedness of clinical decisions.


Membership of AASEBM

Doctors and medical students, who accept the Charter, may become members of AASEBM.

To become a member of AASEBM the following is needed:

1) be guided by the Charter of AASEBM while practical activities (see above)

2) fill in the application form and send to: