Evidence-based medicine (EBM), as a modern style of medical education, medical science and clinical thinking is definitely a part of healthcare around the world. Today the experience gained allows to offer the concept of "evidence health care”. It implies not only clinical but also administrative decision-making in the field of public health, based on the analysis of the available evidence-based studies.


According to the modern model of clinical decision making, the competence of a physician is defined not only by the knowledge of disease mechanisms and clinical experience, but also by the ability to assess and use in the practice the scientific information published in peer-reviewed medical journals. This is impossible without knowledge of the CE basics, absence of which cuts off the clinician from the quality information that should underlie his professional knowledge.

The low level of information literacy creates ground for incompetence and deception in the medical community, as well as conflicts of interest at all levels of the health system. A typical example of incompetence is the replacement of necessary clinical knowledge with information from advertising leaflets of pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical products. A typical example of deception is prescription of drugs, interventions and procedures, for which the physician is paid by the representatives of companies producing medicaments, products or services.

The incompetence of officials is manifested in the inability to organize the preparation of policy papers on the basis of “transparent” procedures and synthesis of quality scientific data; the incompetence of the physician is apparent in prescription of interventions that are unproven in terms of safety/efficiency and/or harmful; incompetency of the researcher is revealed by a pseudoscientific justification of all the above.

The described problems are institutional and without their immediate solving all attempts to directive modernization of national health systems will be futile.

YEREVAN DECLARATION on the consistent promotion of evidence-based medicine (2012)

Rouben Hovhannessyan,

MD, PhD, professor,

President of AASEBM

Chief Editor of AMRJ


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